Trying to find myself

We go through life searching, searching for meaning in what we call existence.  We search to find who we truly are. 

As I continue to go through my healing, I am continuing to find myself, my flow, who I am, who I was.  The vibrant, high energy filmmaker with tons of motivation who was in the flow of life.  Sure I had my moments were I felt a bit off or disconnected but they didn’t last very long and no matter what I always felt like myself. 

I know I will eventually get that back but it’s been really tough and each day is tough.  Sure my life wasn’t perfect before but at least I was connected, at least I felt like a part of the world.  At least, I could wake up everyday and no matter what did what I wanted to do it didn’t matter.

I know I am going to get back to this place but it’s challenging and frustrating and it’s hard to be patient.

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