Killing the Bug

They call Lyme Disease the great imitator.  This is why it’s so hard to diagnose.  Individuals will go years with physical and/or emotional symptoms thinking that they have everything from anxiety to M.S. to Chronic Fatigue to Thyroid and Adrenal issues.  When in reality, they really have Lyme Disease. 

I recently switched antibiotics and that with the combination of taking care of myself, letting go and time I know I am really now killing off the “bug”.  It’s been a long few months but now I am rebuilding my life and starting from square one.  Lyme Disease has given me the gift to start over, start new and rebuild my life the way I want to.  It’s given me the gift to meet some amazing people who have helped support me, including one beautiful person in particular :).  It’s made me realize to not take life for granted and to cherish every minute of it.

I am healing, I am evolving and I am killing the bug.  I am a strong, happy, healthy person and I am doing this.

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