Trusting the Process

When you go through hard times, it’s hard to trust the process.  It’s hard to see the light at times.  It’s hard to understand and know that things are going to be okay and things are going to work out for you.

For me, I have been struggling with this.  I have come so far in letting go but it’s still hard for me to trust the process.  I have had to really let things go, knowing that they will be there when I feel well and feel strong and vibrant.  Letting go of my life in Los Angeles for a period of time, letting go of making movies, letting go of going out dancing, doing yoga, being super social and letting go of a woman I love knowing that she will still be there when I have fully healed and we can start from scratch and build a life with a strong foundation to grow on. 

I know soon this will all be a distant memory and I will have let all of these challenges go but it’s not been easy and it has been hard to trust the process.

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