When everday is hard

As I am becoming more aware and more clear headed, it’s becoming harder and more painful.  I just want this pain and this darkness in my life to end.  I want to feel whole again and vibrant, healthy and happy.  I want to be able to lay down and not twitch and not have a hard time breathing.  I want to be in peace. 

I went to a new doctor yesterday but I have to wait a few weeks for specific test results before anything can be determined, etc.

I know I am going to get through this because I did before and I am going to again but I would feel by now I would have one day I would feel good and whole.  One day where I didn’t feel shaky and twitchy when I lay down.  One day where I can eat and drink food in peace.  One day where I was clear headed and vibrant and full of life.  I know that day is coming but I want it to happen soon.

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2 Responses to When everday is hard

  1. Hope says:

    I want it for you soon too. I feel your determination through your blog. I am rooting for you and with you.

  2. skittenn says:

    Sending healing thoughts your way.

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