Pushing through the pain

I had another hard night last night where I woke up every two hours twitching, sweating and had to go to the bathroom.  It was painful and uncomfortable.  At least for awhile, I was able to sleep. 

Here is the positive though, for the first time in awhile I have actually been wanting to do things and had the energy to those, mood wise.  I am actually excited about things.  I am more clear headed then I have been and I believe my body has been doing this but before I was numb to it.  I also have a great new doctor who is way more on it. 

I have to beat this, this has to pass, it can’t last forever and not going to let this get me down.  I have a big job interview tomorrow and I am determined to get that job and do well at it.

I know this pain can’t last forever but I really want it to end soon.

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One Response to Pushing through the pain

  1. Hope says:

    Good luck at your job interview!

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