Understanding and finding acceptance

A big part of my anxiety through my healing is this fear of the unknown and not understanding what’s going on when I started feeling “weird” or light headed or my body always reacts when i eat something or go to the bathroom.  Not knowing what it is or what’s happening.  Every time something like this happens, I have to manually ground myself, check in. 

I have days where I feel better because I accept more where I am at and some of my fire comes back and I have days where I am rejecting it and those are my worse days.  A big part of my healing is coming to total acceptance and peace where I am at right now and diving more into myself.  More into who I am and what’s going on.  Not checking out, not disconnecting and also being willing to ask for help and know I can’t do everything on my own.

With each day I do understand more and more about myself and this process and what led me to it. 

Will I move past this, absolutely.  Will I grow from this and become stronger and healthier and happier, of course, but for now I need to find acceptance that I might not understand everything right now and dive deep into what’s going on and trust and know that everything will work out fine.

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