In Limbo

So though I have become more clearer about everything and have been feeling better and have dug deeper, I feel like I am currently in a state of limbo waiting on specific test results from the doctors that will take about 1 to 2 more weeks.   This then will determine how to move forward with specific treatment. 

I also went to a GI doctor and am waiting on specific tests as well.  On top of this I went to a psychiatrist today who was pretty good and was pushing the therapy first but everything happening has really put me in a state of limbo on how to move forward, so it’s hard.

One thing I do know right now is I do have Lyme Disease and also that I will beat it, now just waiting on how to move forward for specific treatment and getting myself feeling full, better, balanced and happy.

One day I will wake up and this dream, this fog I feel I’ve been in will have lifted and I will feel a part of the flow again.

One last note, I have to look at how far I have come and how these things to take time to figure out and how lucky in a way I am that I found out what it was and that’s treatable. 

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