Sleeping and dreaming

When we go to bed every night, we dream.  Sometimes we remember these dreams and sometimes we don’t.  Sometimes these dreams have a strong impact on us and our day and sometimes they don’t. 

Over the past five plus months I have had some intense dreams and I remember most of my dreams.  Sleeping and dreaming for me is an intense experience every night which gives me a lot of anxiety.  I feel it’s my body and mind’s way of working through this very intense experience I am going through.  I also have read that people with Lyme disease dream intensely and tend to have a lot of lucid dreaming.  Every night it’s an intense, and scary experience to be honest.

I really do know that it is my body and mind’s way of working through everything.

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One Response to Sleeping and dreaming

  1. Hope says:

    Wow that is interesting. Talk to your therapist about your dreams. Mine helped me understand what my mind was working through during the dreams and that I am actually stronger than I feel. She told me to keep a dream journal. What I thought was a nightmare was actually a victory for my battle.

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