Growing up

Many of us would love to be kids forever and never have to grow up.  Never have to take responsibility, never have to grow old, never have to do all the things “grown-ups” have to do.

I have always liked the idea of being a kid, so much so that in many ways I became co-dependent, even though in some ways I was also very independent.  Most of my life I have been supported by my parents because of habits that were created and getting used to the being supported by them. 

Through this experience one of the lessons I am learning is how to take care of myself, take responsibility and be self-sufficient and grow-up.  I can still feel young and act like a kid and enjoy life and laugh and do all the things that kids do but it’s time for me to move through and grow-up and take responsibility for things, and fully take charge of my life.  My family will still be there, my friends will still be there, I will just have evolved. 

I think in many ways I have been afraid to grow-up but growing-up is a part of life and there are many great things that come from it.

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