When every day gets hard

As I become more aware and more clear, really deep emotional stuff is rearing it’s ugly head.  I am starting to heal the physical and now it’s time to heal the emotional. 

It’s been a rough few days to be honest emotionally and a lot of this is the awareness of everything is stronger.  The emotion has become more intense and every minute has been tough. 

I just want to crawl and hide a lot and wait for this to pass and everything to get better and to feel stronger and healthy and happy again, but the more you resist, the more things persist. 

As a friend of mine said, all the answers are within us.  As more comes up, it just means I need to dig deeper and search further. 

I know I am going to move through this and have to remember all these things that come up have come up before and they eventually go away.  As the days go on, these intense emotions, physical symptoms, etc will become less and less and eventually I will come back into balance.

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