When things started shifting for me, I started talking about this idea that I was living in this dream and everything around me seemed unfamiliar to me, which caused me a tremendous about of anxiety. 

Since then, I feel that’s been the thing that’s been the hardest is this dream feeling, this disconnection.  I can handle the brain fog, the vision being off, being a bit tired, etc, but it’s that dream feeling that’s been the hardest, like I am dragging my body around and unaware most of the time. 

In the end, I think it’s teaching me how to ground, how to stay present and how to connect, so I do want to look at that positive but it’s like since the beginning of this process I have been searching how to get out of this dream and come back to feeling whole and part of the world again and grounded, in my body and connected.

With each day, I know I am getting there, getting closer.

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One Response to Searching

  1. skittenn says:

    I imagine that feeling as if you are in a dream-state would take a lot of focus to stay grounded.

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