Shifting Forward

When you truly let go and stop resisting, and allow the universe to unfold, everything does blend and come together.   Most of all when you accept where your at and don’t try to push it, that’s when you shift forward and start growing and start balancing.

That’s what I started doing, I have truly started to let go and live my life.  The minute I decided to move back to California next month, start working on my film projects, get deeper, understand more, live my life and be patient, that’s when I felt the shift, the shift that I am truly getting better and starting to wake up from this dream and become connected again and fully balanced. 

I am still growing and learning and my whole life I will be but I know I am coming out of this.  I know I am truly getting better and coming back to being in my body, clear minded, connected, energized and happy and healthy.


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