Becoming more aware and riding the waves of life

It’s hard to become aware.  It’s hard to dig deep.  It’s hard to deal with everything in your life, especially when so much of it comes at your all at once.  You want to hide.  You want to run away.  You want to disconnect, you want to escape.  You want to checkout.  You want it to just pass through and be over.

The last six months has been pretty traumatic for me, there’s no question.  I keep reliving experiences of the past six months and beyond, like everything is coming back to me, like I lost it all.  I continue to ride the waves with this and as things come up, I breath through them and know they will pass and that they are passing, know that I am getting through this. 

I am riding the waves of life and balancing my body and my mind out with each passing day :).

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