Past memories

As I continue to rebuild, grow stronger, get in balance and come closer to feeling, great, alive and well everyday, I have a lot of past memories come to me all the time very vividly, like I am rebuilding my mind and my life back and everything is coming back to me.  This happens most of the time when I am laying in bed at night before I go to sleep or in the middle of the night or in the morning. 

I remember things from years ago extremely vividly and can remember the whole situation, the whole experience.  It’s like the emotions and feelings and experiences are coming up for me to then let go of them, as well as help rebuild myself, rebuild who I am, rebuild my mind. 

It’s like one day I lost my identity and everything became unfamiliar to me and I am now gaining it all back. 

One day at the time I will move through this.

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