When do you know

As I continue to have more energy and feel better with each passing day, I wonder when do you know that you are fully back to balance and feel great.  I have felt like I’ve been in this disconnected dream, this cloudy fog for the past 6 months.  I have been so used to feeling in this dream like, disconnected, anxiety, uncomfortable state with symptoms coming up constantly, that it’s like you forget what feeling “normal” or like yourself is like, so it makes you wonder, “When Do you know” everything changed back.

When I went through something very similar ten plus years ago, I never knew what it was and eventually everything did all blend.  Now that I look back on everything, I understand a lot of what was going on.  I also was 21 and very much oblivious to it and was put on Lexapro and was told it was all anxiety, etc, but I was still having the same thins happen. 

When I think about it, I feel it took a good year for everything to kind of come back to a certain place, a certain balance where I was growing and building my life again.  I really now that I remember had symptoms going on for about 3 years but nothing to an extreme like that first year or probably that first 10 or 11 months or so where I was going to a lot of doctors searching for answers and always watching the clock each day. 

When this first started, or when I first became sick in the beginning of November where my vision changed and it was very similar to the same “sick” feeling I had ten years prior, I had some anxiety going on, that’s for sure but it eventually passed.

Then at the end of January, everything shifted one day and I have been cycling ever since.  In this constant state of anxiety, mixed with other symptoms going on, that trigger the anxiety. 

I’ve been taking antibiotics for “lyme” started a couple weeks ago taking stuff for the mold/biotoxins in my system, which is the first thing that I’ve noticed has helped but I still have symptoms happening, so it just makes you wonder, when do you know.  When do you know it’s all gone.  When have you moved through it.

I know I’m getting to that point, with each passing day, but it’s like when does it all flow again and your having way more good days then bad and eventually no bad days.  When you feel like yourself again and ready to conquer the world.

When do you know?

I know I will know very soon :).

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