Just one day…

As I continue my healing process, to be honest I still have not had one full day where I felt like myself, where I had no symptoms, where I felt in body, strong, vibrant, clear headed and here.  I just ask for one day and then two and then eventually everyday I will feel great and this “dream” will be over and will have woken up stronger, happier and healthier then I have ever been and evolved through this.

I just ask one day.  I feel sometimes I have tiny moments where I feel like myself and after a few seconds they seems to leave.  I then also feel at times I am back at square one, even though I know I’m not.  

I just want one day, and then two, and then everyday.  I pray for this each day.

Also I was wondering if anybody knows a good therapist in the Chino Hills area, or within 20/25 miles of the area.  I missed my therapy appointment today and did not get a good vibe on the phone when I told him I had the wrong address.  Any help is greatly appreciated.


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