Finding myself again

As we move through life, we are always reshaping ourselves, we are always shifting, we are always finding ourselves, we are always trying to find out who we are.  

As I have been going through my healing process, I am literally finding myself again, my new self, my evolved self.  Reshaping my identity of who I am and who I want to truly be.  Loving myself, taking care of myself first and putting my needs first.  I am doing what’s best for me and I am releasing my baggage and finding who I truly am.


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One Response to Finding myself again

  1. Hope says:

    Wisdom in your words. “Finding your new self”. I think so many of us, I am probably the President of the Club, long to find and reclaim the person I once was, a time that I saw myself happy, fact is, as you put, that person as “evolved”. I need to stop looking back to find me, and discover and claim the me that I can create today. Thank you for the perspective.

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