Who am I?

I don’t feel that people are defined by a single word or a group of words and we are always redefining ourselves.  We shift and change every moment and every day.  

So as I am reshaping myself, forming myself and letting go of the past, this an idea of who I am…

I am a filmmaker

I am a son

I am a brother

I am Jason

I like to do yoga, cook, meditate and take care of myself

I am sensitive

I am empathetic

I am emotional

I am sometimes a perfectionist

I am grateful

I will do anything for my family, friends or others in need

I grow stronger everyday and learn more about myself everyday

I am analytical

I can always see both sides

I do my best to be positive

I try not to complain

I take things sometimes to seriously

I got sick and started blogging about healing experience for myself and to help others

I am going to beat what I am going through and make a movie from it

I am passionate and intense

I like to write

I am expressive and creative

I am sensual

I love people and fascinated by them and humanity

I wish there was a world without borders and we looked at everybody as a human being

I like to dance

I am me

I will probably continue to add to this…



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3 Responses to Who am I?

  1. Jessica says:

    Your best post yet.

  2. beautiful and touching …

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