This time is for me

I don’t often write two blog entries in a day but I feel inclined to do that today.  This healing process, like any healing process any transition is a time for you to learn how to be there for you and love yourself and be there for you.  

This time is for me, which is not always easy because you start asking yourself questions, like I have spent most of the past 7 months to myself, working on myself and isolating myself in many ways, when do I move on, when do I balance.  I have to move on with my life, but also spend this time for me to heal.  

We are always healing, we are always learning but there is always time for yourself but also living your life.  

There are always going to be people that give you advice when you go through healing and everybody’s advice is worth listening to but at the end of the day you should always listen to yourself first.  

This time is for me.

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