Asking for help…

Since moving to California, I know I have not been as consistent with my blogging.  Part of that is I am trying to adjust and part of it is I am in this routine, that was not always healthy, in Seattle that I would blog all the time.  

Since moving here, I have felt a bit better but in retrospect I still struggle with the same things everyday and have had some bad days lately.  I am doing my best but I feel pretty spacey and sluggish and weak and low energy, as well as other things most of  the day.  I do my best but I know I can’t do everything on my own.  So I ask for your help.

How can you help?  Well, start with emailing me at and I can tell you how you can help me.  Help me get my balance back, my strength back, my health back, my motivation, my drive, etc.

Thank you.

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