Pushing Through

I honestly have been feeling better each day the last few days.  It’s very slow the amount I feel better, but I am getting there.  I know I am.  It’s weird though, you are so used to feeling a certain way for so long.  In this auto-mode, where everything you do seems mechanical, that as you come out of it and feel you can make clear decisions again and be clear headed, in your body, you are almost not used to it.  

I am working on structuring my days and putting together a plan each day on feeling better.  It’s hard though to be honest to stick to this plan and honestly focus and be clear headed enough to put this plan together.  In the past, this would never be a problem.  I always structured my days and did what I wanted, etc.  A little bit each day and patience and time.  I know since the very beginning it was about just giving things time and being patient and my body and mind will eventually balanced out.

Keep going.  I am getting there :).  

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