The Film Industry

When I was 18, I remember turning to a friend of mine and telling them that I am going to be a filmmaker and with such confidence the person turned to me and said, yes, that’s what you are going to be.  I knew this before but it became clear in that moment.  I went on to do numerous documentaries, narrative films, commercials, music videos, etc.  

When I first started not feeling well and mentioned I would be moving to Seattle, my friend said, Los Angeles isn’t going anywhere, the film industry isn’t going anywhere, it will still be here when you get back and this is true.  

I haven’t done almost anything related to the film industry in the past 8 months except for brewing a few ideas here and there. My energy and focus has been on my healing, which it should be.  Before this, I was obsessed with film, film was my life and I knew I would be very successful.  

I still know I will be successful but I have definitely taken a big step back.  The film industry can be stressful, political and extremely difficult to navigate, but as I fully heal and go beyond, navigating and being successful in the film industry will be a cake walk.  

Everything starts with believing and knowing and determination :).

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