Getting There

It really is true, with each passing day I am getting better.  I am seeing the light.  Though it’s slow and I still have things going on, I feel the shift, I feel myself getting close to balance and clarity with each day.  Through this time I have met a lot of people who have helped me who have come and gone in this period.  

When you go through hard times, you are always surprised who is there for you and who is not.  I am really grateful for the people who have been there and I have let go of the people who haven’t.  This really is a new start, a fresh start, a brighter start.  It’s like a new chapter in my life is just starting and growing.

When I went through a similar transition about 11 years ago, I did shift, I did transition and created a whole new group of friends, a whole new pathway, rebuilt from scratch.

The same thing is happening again and in many ways I am grateful for it.  

I truly am getting there, I truly am.

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