Everybody has there own definition of what friendship is.  Some people’s idea of friendship is valued on material possessions, some on going through hard times together, some on camaraderie and some on being their when the other is going through a hard time and doing everything they can to help them feel better and get them through it.

When I went through a transition almost now 11 years ago, or at least that’s when it started, all my friends at the time kind of left me, they really weren’t there for me.  So after about a year, when I started gaining some of confidence and strength, I started using social media to connect with people, this was 2004, before people really used social media to meet people.  It was still very taboo and there was still some fear behind connecting with people and even further, meeting them.  I eventually built a huge social circle and had a lot of friends, then I moved to Los Angeles and grew another big group of friends.

When I started not feeling well, especially really not feeling well, at the end of January, friends where there for me, but as time went on and I moved to Seattle, they became to grow distant and since I have moved back to Los Angeles, even more, so much so, that if I don’t put effort, sometimes a lot, which I don’t really always have, I would never talk to them at all or see them, the few I still try to talk to.  I have lived about 40 minutes away from my friends for now over 2 months and was gone from L.A. for over 5 months and not a single friend has come out to visit, no matter how much I try to invite them, etc.  

I am somebody that has always been there for people when they go through rough times, when they really need a friends.  I even went to visit a friend in jail, somebody I didn’t even know that well, just to try to help, because I believe in the loyalty of friendship and being there through thick and thin, no matter what, especially through hard times.  

Through this process and as I continue to get better, I am making new friends, better friends, true friends.  Friends who are there no matter what.

What is your definition of friendship?  

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2 Responses to Friendship

  1. Tasha says:

    I will always call you a friend. Even when distance cross country enables lunch dates, and visits at this time. Our daily chats always makes the lonely less lonely, isolation less isolating. But, to have that human contact, that human touch can mean so much even to the richest of people. You inspire others and inspire me. My hope for you my friend is that the ones dearest to your heart will except your situation and come to visit. I’m grateful to call you my friend 🙂 Hugs**

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