Mental Detox

Our bodies through time build up with toxins and we eventually need to rid out bodies from those toxins.  This is the same with our minds.  Our minds build up with toxins as well through time.  They build up with emotional baggage, clutter and other people’s junk that’s not yours.  That’s when you need a mental detox.

Through my healing process, my shifting, my transforming, in many ways, it’s also a mental detox, a detox of what I don’t need in my life.  What is not making better, moving me forward.  

I am detoxing friends, thoughts, negative emotions, memories, the traumatic experience I have been through, old habits, etc.  

I am clearing out the clutter to a brand new start, a fresh start.  

I release everything that is not serving me.  I release the toxins, traumas, old habits and negative emotions from me now.  

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One Response to Mental Detox

  1. Jumping_Jenny_444 says:

    I’ve been doing a mental detox too. My brain has been overloaded with negative energies, so it’s about time that I do some fall cleaning!

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