When Do you Know

As I continue to feel a bit better each day, I contemplate the idea of when do you know when you are totally better, totally yourself when you have felt a certain way for so long.  When do you know when to push it more and do more things.  When do you know.  

A friend of mine who had Lyme Disease said it took 3 years for them to have no Lyme in their body and another 3 months plus to feel like themselves, dealing with all the emotional and traumatic turmoil that the experience created.  

I have definitely been through a lot of emotional and traumatic turmoil through this experience.  I definitely have felt uncomfortable for most of the day everyday through this experience or just felt off and not myself, but like I said with each day it is getting better.

So I ask myself this question, when do you know you are totally back to balance.  It’s not always straight forward and eventually and soon it is all going to blend.  

Keeping the faith, knowing that I am beating this and I am fully healing.

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