Truly Truly Letting Go

If you continue to hold on to something, you will never move forward, you will never let go, you will never rid yourself of what holds you back.  If you don’t let go, you will continue to make the same bad decisions, be stuck in the same routine and continue bringing up the same bad habits.  

Through this experience I have tried to hold on to a lot and little by little I have let go of everything.  I let go of my life in Los Angeles. I let go of friends.  I let go of making movies.  I let go of everything.  This was the only way I would be able to move on, start over and create a fresh start, a better start.  

It’s not been easy, it’s actually been extremely difficult and challenging.  Not just hard letting go, but living this experience for the past 8 months or so, but the thing is the more I let go, the more I move forward, the more I heal.  The more I become stronger, better.  

And as I continue to feel stronger, and better and into myself again, the more clear things become and everything else comes into alignment.

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