Lifting the Fog

I am somebody who is was used to always clear minded-quick thinking and able to make quick decisions.  I was always in control of my own destiny, my own decision making, my path.  Then one day a fog came over me.  A fog that was so heavy I was spending almost everyday in it.  My mind and my body on automatic.  

Finally after nearly 9 months, I am feeling the fog lift a bit here and there each day.  Finally I am slowly being able to be in control of my decision making and be clear headed as the fog lifts.  

This has taught me to be patient, go with the flow and just go with things each day.  Even if I am supposed to do something like make a phone call and I forget or am not clear headed enough, I don’t do it.  I just patiently wait and eventually I will be clear headed to make any decision I want at anytime.

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2 Responses to Lifting the Fog

  1. Sometimes I think we do have to give in to our illnesses just a little bit to remain in some sort of control. Kudos for finding the balance!

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