Seeing the Shift, Breaking Old Patterns

As I heal more and more and get better, I start to see old patterns that were not healthy being broken and me shifting in a positive way before my eyes.   I had a talk with somebody today who I have been trying to meet up with who beat Lyme.  It’s been very difficult coordinating with them and they kept pushing things back, changing last minute, etc.  

We were planning on meeting tmrw and last minute the person wanted to change things last minute and I said I couldn’t because of traffic, mind you I always had compromised a lot in seeing this person.  The person didn’t want to budge, for various reasons, and I didn’t give in.

Now mind you this might not seem like a big deal, but for me it is.  Before I would compromise and then compromise more and not take of my needs to go out of my way.  Well I’ve changed that.  It’s not healthy and it’s part of what built up as stress and stress creates illness or being unbalanced.  Well I have broke this pattern and it’s beautiful and it’s me shifting, learning and it’s much healthier.


Here are some new patterns that I am living by:


Every relationship you have is about balance, compromise on both ends.

Don’t do something that oversteps your comfort.

Don’t beg and do things that are against what you want.

If something is not in the flow, it’s not in the flow.

You are the most important person in your life.


I am seeing myself break old patterns to heal.  I am seeing it happen slowly and the more I do, the more I heal.

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One Response to Seeing the Shift, Breaking Old Patterns

  1. Love Life says:

    Thank you for sharing your healing journey!! I’m curious if one day you’ll change your perspective about not overstepping your comfort. Let me know, or I’d love to chat more about that with you. Keep up the writing!!

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