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I started this Blog this past February.  When I started the blog, I started it out of intuition.  I started it because I knew it would help with my healing process.  Help me gain clarity, help me find my true self and discover more of who I am.  Also I knew it would help others, help them move through their struggles and help give them hope, besides just helping myself.  

I’ve seen my progress with this blog, seen how far I have come.  Sure I am still not “100%” but I am getting there, I really am, and it’s taken patience and faith.  When you feel like you aren’t part of the world and just dragging your body around in this fog all the time and not feeling strong, in your body and don’t have the clarity to make clear decisions all the time, your world becomes small, you don’t think you’re going to get out of it and you really do have to rely on faith and take things one step at a time and be patient.  

I started this blog knowing one day I would be totally healed and move through it and the blog’s focus would start to shift and build.  

I didn’t know where this blog was gonna lead in the end, but that’s what faith is, just taking the first step, not knowing where the path will lead you.

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