When do you really know…

I wrote a post awhile back about, when do you know when you feel like yourself again and feel strong, and this is a follow up to that.  As I continue to get better and feel better, I ask that question, when do you know, when do you know when you are better.  If you are in pain and don’t have pain, then you know you are better, but it’s not that straight forward, with Lyme Disease and with my healing.  When you feel almost all the time uncomfortable and off mentally, almost 24 hours a day, in this feeling of fog and this feeling of an unaware, disconnected dream and not used to pushing yourself, not used to doing to much, used to being on auto-pilot so much, not used to making clear decisions, it’s like, when do you know.

A friend of mine who beat Lyme, said, you’ll know, and I believe I will, but there is also a readapting period as well I believe because you feel so off for so long, when you start feeling better, you’re body and mind is not used to it.

I do believe I will know but I won’t stop til I feel 100% all the time :).  

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4 Responses to When do you really know…

  1. I understand that , “when do you know”, you feel off for so long that better or normal is even weird.

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