What Else Can I Do…

So as I do continue to feel a bit better each day, I still ask what can I do to get myself feeling 100% all the time.  I am getting better, but I still feel like I am in this fog pretty much all day and have the same things going on, just minus the extreme anxiety towards them and not quite as intense.  

Right now I am doing Samento and Banderol to treat the Lyme and about to add Boluoke and I eat healthy, no caffeine, very little sugar, tons of fruits and vegetables, all organic, no gluten, no dairy, drinking lots of water, taking supplements, doing breathing/positive affirmations everyday, Going to a chiropractor, walking and just not overdoing it, but I still have not had a full day with no symptoms, where I feel 100%, like myself and I wonder what else can I do, without putting to much pressure on myself.  I be in the flow, I don’t stress out about it, but I also just still wonder if there is more I can do to speed the process up and to help me feel like myself again and have one full day where I feel great, then two, then three.  

So, I just always wonder what else can I do, especially since still almost all day I am in a fog of unawareness.

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