One Year…

So, it’s been a year since I first got “sick”, or at least the first part of the shift.  Around a year ago today I got sick one day, literally one day out of the blue, where my vision changed, I had this pressure in my head, felt extremely tired and had a hard time squeezing my arms and felt like I was in a dream,  my body was floating.  A couple weeks later, I felt fine, except my vision didn’t go back still had this pressure in my head and this type of cycling and I still felt like I was in this “dream”.  

In a way, it came so suddenly, though of course things don’t just happen suddenly, things build up to it, but it really did.  It was interesting it was all these things happened leading up to this that totally shifted my life, I moved out of the house I lived in for 5 years, the only house I ever lived in in L.A.  and I was supposed to move into this house in Venice.  A really great house and it feel through last minute, so I had to find a place last minute and I found this apartment that was really me taking a step back and was not ideal, but I took it because it was not expensive and I needed to find some place last minute.  

The day before I was supposed to move in, my car exploded and I got all this anxiety the next day, like anxiety that was unwarrented and very out of the blue, the start of more of a shift.  Then I met a girl who was bad news and then I got sick at the beginning of November.  It was like all this stuff that was happening, that I didn’t want to necessarily happen, was totally shifting my life and I had no idea it was happening.  

So this was a year ago.  It’s been a year and I am still working on fully feeling balanced all the time but I am getting there and I am seeing why this happened.  I am seeing the shift.  I mean there is a reason for everything that happens and I will beat this and grow stronger.  

It’s interesting how your life can just change before your eyes, in the blink of an eye and if you have no idea what’s happening or sometimes no way of stop it, you just have to rely on faith and the flow that you are in the end on the right path.

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2 Responses to One Year…

  1. LeeAnn Hodzi says:

    I stumbled across your blog, and I am so grateful that you are brave enough to share your story! I am facing a number of challenges in my life right now and thought no one could ever understand how I felt.. Your story made me realize that I am not alone facing challenges in my life, but as a reminder to be more positive and to take everything in stride as it comes. Again thank you!

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