Everybody’s idea of what happiness is, is different.  Some people find happiness in certain things, while other’s don’t.  Some people are happy to be married, while others never want to.  Some people like to be out and about and social to be happy, while others find peace and solace being by themselves.  Happiness is not a direct definition and is different between person to person.

Through this past year, my idea of happiness has changed and shifted.  My idea of what the world is like and my perception of it, has changed and my appreciation for life has increased tenfold.

I think almost everybody no matter what, generally in their heart wants to be happy, but I think we struggle with finding what exactly makes us happy and what happiness is, but if we look deep enough in ourselves, we will find it.  We will find that happiness.  It might not happen right away and you might need to struggle for this to occur, but eventually it will happen.


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One Response to Happiness

  1. I think as time goes by we evolve and what we previously wanted, or what has made us happy in the past changes, hopefully for the better.

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