Wiping the Slate Clean and truly starting over

Everyday as I have been moving through my healing, I feel I wipe the slate clean and clear out the toxins, both emotional and physical toxins of my life.  This takes time, it’s not a quick process.  I am finally close to a point where I am now rebuilding and really starting over in many ways.  I mean my friends seem different, my experiences seem different, the world seems different, the way I interact in the world is different and I am truly starting over.  

Everyday I move through stuff, emotional stuff, physical stuff, and it’s tough and difficult but it’s me moving through to clean house.  Cleaning a dirty garage full junk takes time, and so does cleaning your body of toxins, both physical and emotional ones.  

It’s not easy but in the end the light is there and I can see it and I do truly get the chance to start over and wipe the slate clean and rebuild my life once again, the way I want to.  The way I see it.  

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