Releasing and Letting it all out

Through this past year, I have let go of so many things that have not served me and I will continue to do that more and more.  It’s not been easy, and it’s been difficult but slowly but surely I have realized that I have needed to move on.  

It’s also been a hard year because it’s hard to explain to people what you are going through at times because they don’t always get it.  I have had many people who cared about me say to me I don’t care how you feel, etc, I just want to hang out with you, or etc, but in retrospect see me and then change their mind or fall away.  I am not speaking of this to be negative, just to release it and let it all out.  

It was frustrating because I can’t control how I am right now and that does not mean I am not positive or continuing to improve and heal, I am extremely positive and do continue to get better.  It was like I just wanted them at times to feel how I was feeling, and understand.  

For so long in my life, because I am so sensitive I would let things bug me when I was just sticking up for myself and taking care of myself.  Through this process, that’s all I have done and have needed to do.  

Through this last year a lot of people have massively affected me and it’s triggered me and bothered me more then ever in my life, and I have had to learn to let go of that and not let it affect me because it’s not my issue, it’s theirs.  Whether this came from girlfriends, friends, family members, or complete strangers, I was letting my extreme vulnerability be affected by them.  

I am releasing and letting go anything that does not serve me and I am moving forward taking care of me.  

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