Moving On

I ask myself this question how do I move on all the time.  I want to move on.  I want to feel great all the time and then something comes up.  At the same time as well, I feel caught in the middle a lot, which is not a bad thing, because for a long time, I think I just felt caught up in my “small world” or the way I felt.  Now, it’s more that I am moving towards the bigger world and feel the strength I have, and not in my “small world”, but I still feel at times, throughout the day, caught in the middle.  

I want to move on, I am ready to move on from this and not let go of it, but I guess one element that’s so hard, is that I am used to this feeling, this constant feeling.  One day, yes it will be a thing of the past and I will move on, and this “dream” will be over, but I think what makes it tough, for so many, is that you are so used to the feeling.  

When I went through something similar to this years ago, I did move on from it but it took about a year and half to get to a point where I got over that big hump and then another 2 plus years to  fully complete the journey, but I did it and I will do it again.  

It’s my body moving through, my body transitioning and shifting to something greater and I will move on.  

In February, before I moved to Seattle, somebody told me it was a spiritual shift you were going through and you might not fully understand or know what it is but you will shift for the greater and I believe that and I am doing that.  

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2 Responses to Moving On

  1. Alex says:

    What’s wrong? What exactly are You feeling and what seems to be the problem to continue to have to face? I’m sure putting it out there on paper wouldn’t hurt and would be like a nice start 🙂

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