This is my journey

As I have been moving through this year, and this healing and all the emotions, physical feelings and intensity I have felt, I have not had much mental clarity and thought almost the whole time, which was something that was very strange for me, so a lot of this year has been based on faith.  A lot of my decisions, who I was guided to, has been based on faith and intuition and feeling and just going with the flow and my instincts, not over thinking it, just doing it, and all these people who have come into my life, come and sometimes left, have helped me, guided me, but at the end of the day, it’s been my journey in finding myself, finding the answers to my healing and to who I am.  

I have had many people, tell me that all the answers I need are inside me, and this is true and can relate to anybody, going through anything, because in reality we are our best guides.  

I think for a long time in my life, I would look other places for guidance, something I was used to.  Sure, I always trusted my intuition, and this wasn’t always the case, but through this process, it’s forced me to look into myself and through this year, I have looked into other places for answers, etc., but at the end of the day I have found out the answers are inside me and the world is just a guide in helping me get on track and clarify that.  

So what are these answers, what have I found, well:

Take care of myself first and foremost and love myself 

When I go through a hard time, or moment, be with it, and understand it and know it will pass, sure I can’t look for others for guidance, but the answers I have are inside me.

Take care of my needs first and be gentle on myself.  –  Don’t let others affect me, and understand I am number one.

Don’t sacrifice my needs for others.

Don’t people please.

Don’t apologize, unless absolutely necessary

Be good to myself, and take care of myself.

Be with the flow.

Listen to my body and my mind

Don’t overdo it and find balance.

Be present and in the moment.

Have faith and be patient.

Love myself and first and foremost.

Don’t do something just because you feel you want to hang out with somebody, if doesn’t make you feel good.

Know everything does get better.



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