Sexuality, confidence, vulnerability and awareness

All of these things go hand in hand, in many ways, everything in life goes hand in hand and is interconnected.

So this year one day, I feel all these things kind of either disappeared or became extremely out of balance and I have been slowly working on getting them all back.

I feel like one day I lost everything, in many ways, my sense of who I was and became so vulnerable to everything, that every moment was tough.

Every decision I made or make seemed unfamiliar to me, so for so long, I questioned it.  So    I would just feel off all the time and I always would say this or felt it.

So I have moved with such hesitation, with no confidence, a fogged sense of awareness and very very vulnerable, because it was like my vibrance, my energy, my power, my sexuality, my confidence, got sucked out of  me.

And now, it’s time for me to work on building all this, and still heal and be aware of my body and myself to not overdo it and continue to heal.

I know I am getting there.  One step at a time.

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One Response to Sexuality, confidence, vulnerability and awareness

  1. lymeaustralia says:

    Sounds like you should add the word ‘creative’ into your blog post. This stuff is making you think hard and to invent. At least you say you moved. That took confidence whether you recognise it or not. Keep pursuing your truth as only you know how. Yes, you are getting there, and journeys of thousands of miles are completed one step after the last until reached.

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