When you’re used to something

I was watching the movie Swingers the other day, and Ron Livingston’s Character, says to Mikey, played by Jon Favreau, that even though the pain is hard right now, eventually it gets less and less and less and eventually you don’t have it anymore, but when that happens you almost miss the pain.  You begin to miss it because it was so much a part of your life for so long.

I definitely understand this.  For the past year, I have been used to feeling a certain way.  Used to not doing much each day.  Going through the day in a fog, feeling uncomfortable, not able to think straight, in this very dark, not fun place.  I got used to it.  I became used to not doing much each day and just taking it easy and feeling this certain way.

So, now that I am coming out of it, it’s a strange feeling and I think a part of me, or all of us, want’s to try to hold on to this pain, because we get to it and it’s a big part of our life.  It’s like that relationship that’s not good, but lingers for awhile because you get used to it.

Slowly with each day I let go of it more and more and eventually yes, it will be gone and eventually It will be a far distant memory.

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One Response to When you’re used to something

  1. lymeaustralia says:

    Have to agree. Pain certainly does become a part of everyday life. I had this awful thigh pain for about 9 years, felt like the muscles were being ripped off the bone. It subsided quickly when I started Lyme treatment – and I mean a few weeks. It didn’t take long to appreciate how pain free I was. So much energy I think goes into coping with pain and when it’s not there it sure helps the body to use that energy for other purposes. I hope this happens to you. Energy’s such a scarce resource, isn’t it.

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