A Year of Transformation

It’s definitely been a year of transformation and shifting.  It’s all probably been the hardest year in my life in many ways.  I never would have thought that I would go through what I went through this year.  I never would have thought it would have hit me out of the blue, but you know things like this need to happen for things to shift.

In reality, though I was always happy, and high energy, I wasn’t quite in the place I wanted to be at before.  I wasn’t quite where I wanted to be and I had created a lot of habits I did not want to create.  

This year, this shift, this transition, transformation, has given me a fresh start.  It’s made me go deep and reflect on everything in my life.  It’s made me start over and start from scratch.  It’s made me wipe the slate clean.  I left everything to start over.

I have lost friends and found new friends and most of all have found myself.  Helped find my purpose.  Find my path.  

Months and Months ago, when I started not “feeling well”, and started feeling off, I had extreme anxiety and thought this darkness would never end.  I felt I was running around spacey, uncomfortable and just off.  

At first many people where there for me, many friends, but slowly a lot of these “friends” kind of faded away and I met new friends, some of those have stayed, some have left.   At the end of the day, I have all the answers inside me and it’s me moving forward and growing and balancing.  

It’s been a hard year because even still almost a year later, the people around you don’t understand and they think arguing, or ignoring, or yelling, or this or that is going to help, even though of course they want you to feel better, but yet they do things that don’t help, that create more stress.

My days are hard, and have been this year.  They revolve around my health and wellness and for me, it creates a lot of anxiety and uneasiness a lot of the time, because of the way I feel.  

Well, this is the year I get my life back and grow stronger, happier and healthier and build and beat this.  It came into my life and now it’s going to leave my life and I am going to move on and never look back.


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One Response to A Year of Transformation

  1. Seems like we had a similar year. Not feeling well has a way of making you see who matters and who doesn’t… and who is that way toward you.

    May you have a better 2014!

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