Breaking The Pattern

For almost a year, I have been used to living a life a certain way.  A way that really was not natural to me.  My days have become repetitious in a way, because I have been so used to not being able to think clearly and in this state of almost panic.  I just have been floating around, making sure I do things to take care of myself, and that’s it.  Revolving my life around that and not in the flow.

Now that I am coming out of this, now that I am continually getting better.  I am working on breaking that pattern, which is not easy.  I still am focused on my wellness and my health, because I still don’t feel 100% all the time but I’m getting there.  So for me, it’s hard to break the pattern.  A pattern it seems like for the most part I have been following for the past year.

I know it just takes slow progression, step by step progress to break the pattern and eventually be totally in the flow, but it’s difficult because I still don’t feel 100% and my main focus still is feeling great and I know that should be everybody’s focus but it’s revolved around my whole life the last year because I want to continue to make progress and continue to feel great.

I know as I continue to get better and better, things will be more and more in the flow but still it takes time to break the pattern and start things new, change things up, no matter what, it takes time.

I am used to taking it easy.  I am used to dragging my body around.  I am used to walking around on eggshells.  I am used to all these things.

So is the year I break the pattern and really build my life and get back to full balance.  One step at a time.


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One Response to Breaking The Pattern

  1. Glad you are writing about your journey. I look forward to reading more.

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