Finding My Flow

I think the thing that was thrown off the most was my “flow” my “rhythm” when things shifted for me out of the blue and each day I think that’s the biggest thing I am trying to find again to restore balance, harmony and peace in myself.

We all have this rhythm, this flow and it just comes to us in an unconscious way, but when something happens in your life, something traumatic, big, challenging, shifting, etc, it can just turn your world upside and down and throw off your “flow”.

When my flow, my rhythm got thrown off, it turned my world upside down and affected every moment of my life. What I did, what decision I made, everything. So it created a lot of chaos and anxiety in my world. It made my life uncomfortable, unsettling and just out of whack, and essentially, the deep root of everything all leads to coming back to this. Me finding that flow, that rhythm again, as I fully heal.

It’s not an easy thing to do, it can be very challenging, but through steps, you eventually, I eventually will balance out and get there and then all components will click again.

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