Taking Charge and Setting My Intention

I am not going to tell you this last year has been easy. I am not going to tell you this last year has been a piece of cake, a walk in the park. I am not going to say it’s been really enjoyable, or comfortable or a breeze, but I will tell you this it’s changed who I am in the end when I totally move through this, which I am, I will have fully evolved to something brighter, something bigger and something amazing and beautiful. A person that will become fully alignment in every way.

So it’s time for me to really take charge, build my fire and create the life I want, feel great all the time and move through this and set my intention.

Here is my intention:

My intention is to fully heal stronger and healthier then ever before. Be abundant and successful and create the life I want. Travel the world, become a successful filmmaker. A successful health and wellness coach and educator. Have a great parter/soulmate. Feel empowered all the time, feel strong all the time. Feel clear headed all the time. Not feel like I am in this sense of spinning out of control. Feel connected to everything and the world. Feel grounded and whole. Able to do everything I want without fear and anything getting in my way. Take my power back, my sense of being and strength. My intention is to really beat this and I know I will and have zero symptoms and feel 100%, healthy, happy, strong and clear headed all the time and I am not going to stop until this happens and is the constant.

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