Moving Through, Moving Forward, Letting Go of Emotions And Not Settling For Less

I was going to start this blog off differently, but I will get to what I was going to start if off as later, but I am going to start it off with this by letting something go.  For most of my life, I was very sensitive to things.  I would be affected by things and worry, nothing that affected my life, but things that I should not worry about or be affected by, would affect me.  Things that affect my well-being, me taking care of myself, moving forward, making projects, etc, etc.  I would feel anxiety about me just taking care of my needs or being honest or speaking my mind.  It wasn’t healthy and it’s not healthy in general.

Through this past year I have been more sensitive then normal, highly sensitive to everything.  Little things would get to me, they would massively affect me.  Things that were not really a big deal, would just throw me off, throw my rhythm off.  Things that were not my fault at all and things I should not worry about.  Just general life would affect me drastically.

So as I am starting to feel better, I still don’t quite feel 100% and I am at this interesting crossroads, where I am working on pushing forward, letting go and living my life and moving on but then I know I still am not quite 100% and have symptoms and something affecting me.   I am not going to stop until I am 100%, but it’s like you get caught up in this balance of wanting to just move on and live your life and then still have things come up, not as intense, not as bad, gets better everyday, but it still happens.

So, I am looking at all my options to fully beat this and looking at what’s best, while already setting my intention and letting go and staying positive and knowing I am beating this.

I think we all get caught up in the balance of life and working on ourselves, but also trying to live our life, without not disproving ourselves or feeling worse.  


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