Constant State of Awareness

For the past year, or so I have always needed to be in this constant state of awareness, always needing to ground myself, always needing to check in, it’s like I am so used to constantly fighting and feeling in this state of fog.

It’s like, the way I would explain it is were most people as they walk are aware all the time and don’t have to constantly be hyper aware, it’s like my connections became a bit disconnected and now I am slowly reconnecting them again.

It makes it difficult because as I continue to improve and get better and feel better, I am still used to being this way, in this hyperawareness and slowly trying to come out of it, my body and mind are used to it, so it’s like there is an element of me pushing through to move through this.

I am slowly integrating back into the world and my awareness is becoming more natural by the day and I just continue to ride the wave of balance.

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