Many people, especially men, tend to bottle up there emotions, don’t exactly know how to express them or have been told not to. As children when we cry, sometimes it’s accepted but sometimes we are yelled at, or we are even yelled at for asking for what we want, etc. These experiences help shape us for later on in life.

In reality, when we bottle up our emotions, when we don’t express ourselves, it bottles up inside of us and manifest in many ways, including in disease.

I have always been somebody for the most part that’s tried to express themselves, but sure there have many times I didn’t fully express myself or my emotions. Through my healing, through this process I have really worked on releasing my emotions and getting to root of things. Finding out things about myself, like to love myself, put myself and my needs first, slow down and express what I want. Not sacrifice my well-being to jeopardize my health or wellness.

Other things are to not be hard on myself, finding balance, not take life for granted, be present, be grounded, find peace in myself.

When something is affecting us and we look deep enough, we can find the root of why something has manifested and why it’s bothering us.

It’s important to express your emotions, speak for what you want, and express your needs.

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One Response to Emotions

  1. Yes, what you say certainly resonates with me. It is also important to surround yourself with people that are receptive to our wants and needs. There are a lot of toxic people out there. I know for me, once I started paring these people out of my life, things improved a lot!

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