Out of Sight, Out of Mind

When my life shifted almost a year ago, I decided a short time later to move back to Seattle to take care of myself, so about a month later, I moved back to Seattle.  I did not tell many people I moved, I just did it.  A lot of this was because of how I felt and did not have the energy to do that and also knew I would be back.  

So I moved to Seattle, and barely heard from anybody in L.A.  As time went on, I heard less and less from people.  I eventually moved back to L.A. and have now been here almost six months, and had two people, come see me at my place.  I have invited a number of people over, but I stopped doing that after awhile when people just stopped responding to it or seemed not interested.  

So six months of being back now, my concentration, has been on myself, and my health and getting back to balance.  Which is should be.  Through this, I don’t contact many people and what it has shown, is of all these friends I have that live here and other places, very few have contacted me, actually to be honest, only a handful do I even talk to on a regular basis, and of those even less live near me.  

I had one friend say to me once that people don’t what to talk to you about because you are so immersed in this healing, okay, so that makes me wonder did they have anything to talk to me before.  I am still human.   Also I have met other people through this, new friends and they have plenty of other stuff to talk to me about.  

So makes you wonder, if somebody is not in your life all the time, especially in Los Angeles were so many are caught up in their own worlds, do you just fade away.  It would be interesting if people did an experiment and stopped contacting people for 3 months and see who contacted them…Makes you see who your true friends are.  

Now, when Steve Jobs was fired from Apple and went to India, his existence became so small, but in the end he found himself and came back with a vengeance and took Apple to a greater place then it has ever been.  

I see the same, and I have let go and forgiven everybody and not held onto grudges.  It took me a long time to do this, partially because I didn’t have the energy to create my fire, which I was used to, but holding onto the past and these grudges and not letting go, is only harmful to me, so I forgive all those and have let go of so many who have not served me.  

If people in your life become out of sight, out of mind, that means they don’t serve you at that time or even ever and you need to let it go, forgive and create the power in yourself.

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2 Responses to Out of Sight, Out of Mind

  1. Carlette says:

    Others often serve you greatly by being out of sight. People come and go and that is normal. Judging others because they are not “serving” you the way you feel you should be is not fair. Trust that everything is happening exactly as it should. Let go and forgive yourself for setting expectations of others that have not been met. Take your power back and be your own best friend.

    • jasonb1382 says:

      Thank you for the comment. I was merely explaining the person or event or anything served it’s purpose at the time and does not serve me anymore, so instead of me holding a grudge or holding onto the past because that person is not in my life right now or I don’t talk to them on a daily basis, I merely have let it go and not let the past or something I can’t control get to me.

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