One Year…

It’s taken me all day to start writing this post and though I would like to wait til tomorrow, I feel it’s important for me to write an entry today.  

It’s been a year, a year today since my life just totally shifted one day and it was the start of this whirlwind transition to totally shift my life.    Where my whole existence felt like it went up in smoke in thin air.  Where I was going in one direction and got flipped in a whole new direction I never expected.  

I went from focusing on making films and cultivating projects to focusing on myself and my health and just feeling comfortable again and balanced and “normal”, whatever that is.

When this all happen, I went into panic mode and in many ways felt like that for a long time until recently.   I felt for so long I was just running around, searching for an answer, never feeling uncomfortable, never feeling here, never feeling connected, like trying to rebuild the pieces of what just happened and find myself again.

So here I am a year later, a year wiser, a year stronger, a year further, a year more in and getting my groove back and starting over.  

I once met a lady who told me it takes 2 years for you to change and shift.  The first year was me letting go and this year is me rebidding and then from there I conquer the world.  

So How do I rebuild, what’s my plan, where do I start, that’s for tomorrow’s entry…


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One Response to One Year…

  1. Gede Prama says:

    Thank you for sharing and greetings 🙂 🙂

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