Energy is something that all of us run on and we are all connected by it. When we are balanced, in a rhythm, our energy is abundant, but when we don’t hone our energy and spread ourselves to thin, go through trauma, not want to deal with things, surround ourselves with toxic people and situations, our energy can become depleted.

If we begin to really look at were we spend our energies we can then really reassess how to spend our time in a better way, how to express ourselves in better way and how to hone our energies for ourselves only and not others.

I look at the last year and even in my life were my energy has been going and how widespread it has been either explaining myself to other people, consumed in my shift, in a place of fear and guilt and emotions or just in this protection mode.

I see how my energy has been affected by others, sucked by others and letting little things or other people get to me. I have been looking at my day and how much of my day has been affected by the energies that surround me and how that in combination with my own struggles has depleted me and massively affected me on living my life fully.

It’s interesting when we look at ourselves and were our energy is going or not going, we might realize how much of our energy is going in so many other places and not for ourselves.

I was talking to a friend the other day who is an actor and I told him if he spent all his energy and focused all of it on acting for a year, he would be making a living acting and be very happy.

I think so many of us, spread of our energies to thin, some in our control and some not in our control and this hinders us from moving forward and creating the life and goals we want.

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